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Astrological Fasting Vs Religious Fasting

This article is about Management Astrology remedies based on fasting. I am making it loud and clear in the very beginning of this article that fasting for Astrological remedies is completely different from religious fasting.  Fasting as a remedy is recommended by many Astrologers. Fasting is also an integral part of Hindu religion. However, there is a widespread confusion and misunderstanding about the two. If you are fasting for religious purposes, continue with the usual practices and procedures. If you wish to fast for seeking an astrological remedy, please read this article carefully. And since I can’t cover all the important aspects in one article, I’ll make only general comments in this article, and will write some more articles which cover specific planets and specific astrological aspects.

Fasting is willful abstinence or limitation of food, drink or certain activities for a certain period of time. When we recommend fasting for astrological remedies, it includes adding or restricting certain actions or activities which help in nullifying or reducing bad impacts from a planet. Every planet has a unique role to play in a person’s life.  For instance, Mars is for motivation, Saturn is for action on that motivation, Jupiter is for formal learning and application of resources, Mercury is for application of formal learning, Moon is for personality and mind management, Sun is for provision of resources, Venus is for Personal Branding and comforts, Rahu is for non-traditional thinking, and Ketu is for spiritual aspects as well as putting breaks on non-traditional thinking. These are some of the important roles. When we construct Balance Sheets of individual horoscopes, we clearly define the above mentioned roles with respect to the profession or business of a person. We also clearly identify the problem areas and define these problem areas further in terms of certain Do’s and Don’ts. Fasting in astrology is about strengthening the Do’s and abstaining from the Don’ts through some series of activities designed for individual Horoscopes. Another important point to note is that astrological fasting and religious fasting can take place on a parallel basis. Meaning of this is that while you can follow the procedures recommended for religious fasting let’s say for Thursday (Jupiter), you will have to (in addition) follow those recommended Do’s and Don’ts for creating astrological advantages.

Another important aspect of astrological fasting is that it should be done for a specific astrological purpose, one at a time. Once that purpose is achieved, astrological fasting should be done for the next objective. For example, if it has been found from the Astrological Balance Sheet that a person needs to correct three different aspects related to Saturn to excel in his life and profession, the correct way is to first clearly define the urgency of each aspect (with most urgent aspect getting first priority). Next step is to define the correction required in Objective terms, and this should be followed by adopting the action plan to be adopted on the fasting day to achieve such objectives.

One more input before I wrap up this article. Sometimes, the key to astrological management lies with a different planet. For instance, if the reason for non-action or bad impacts in Saturn’s Mahadasha is because of bad placement of Mars, fasting will be recommended for Tuesdays and not Saturdays because unless Mars is rectified, Saturn won’t give positive results or full benefits.

In our quarterly remedy plans for individuals, we include astrological fasting, and work closely with the individuals for empowering them to achieve optimal benefits from their Horoscopes.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht. Expedient Consultants,,,, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347 (WhatsApp)

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