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Corona, Ketu and Management Astrology

The Whole World is under threat of Corona, and is on the verge of a complete Lockdown. On 31st August, 2018, I did an article on Management Astrology through which I described how our World also undergoes various Mahadashas and Antardashas. Here is a link to this blog I shared it through my various Social Media Accounts. I have developed a Mahadasha System for our World according to which, we are presently under Mercury Mahadasha, Mercury Antardasha, Rahu Pratyantardasha and Ketu Sookshamdasha (You can click on the above link for historical analysis of this Mahadasha System of the World). This article has both good news and some bad news for the World.

Ketu is a planet which acts in a mysterious fashion and often signifies Conspiracies. It also signifies strange illness, and the World is witnessing such illness in the form of Corona. The Good news is that this time Ketu is in for around 5 odd months, and we are already in the 4th month. Ketu will then be replaced by Venus which will bring some respite. Ketu signifies endings and new beginnings, and does big damage in a short time period. So though this Sookshamdasha of Ketu will be over in a couple of Months, healing and rebuilding process will take some time. We are likely to face Economic recession, but not Economic Depression.

As I mentioned earlier in the article, Ketu also signifies conspiracies. A typical feature of Ketu is that the source of such conspiracies is often not found. Corona definitely is a Conspiracy, and this may also be a trailer of new age Biological Warfare. Luckily, this time, it won’t last long. But can Astrology throw some hint on the source of Conspiracy? I applied a few analysis and checks, and there were repeated hints towards China and North Korea. But a typical feature of Ketu is that the World will always be double minded about exact source of Conspiracy.

What’s the bad news? The bad news is that our World will be under Ketu’s Antardasha in Mercury’s Mahadasha beginning in 2030’s, and the impact will be felt for 15 odd years. The whole World is likely to be in a State of Confusion during this period. Rahu and Ketu always bring some big changes in the World order. First and Second World Wars were fought during Rahu’s Antardasha in Saturn’s Mahadasha, and the great depression of 1929 also took place during this period. I predict the next Economic depression in 2030’s. May Lord Ganesha bless our World during those times.

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