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Difference between Astrological and Societal Horoscope

Almost everyone is aware about an Astrological Horoscope based on Date of Birth, Time and Place of Birth. This is a static component which doesn’t change with changes in a person’s circumstances. However, it also can’t be denied that man is a Social animal, and his behaviour and reactions are dependent on the circumstances around him and the Society in which he lives. While Horoscope based on date of birth describes basic instincts of an individual, real results produced by that Horoscope are also dependent on his/her upbringing, his/her education level, his/her social, marital and monetary status, people around him/her, and his/her current and past profession (and so on).

The above argument gives rise to a question, how can predictions be made on the basis of Birth Horoscope when the actual results may be dependent on number of dynamic factors described above? The answer to this question is Societal Horoscope. I have described in many of my previous posts about Horoscopes of various Careers and Businesses, Horoscopes of various cities, Horoscopes on various Societies and Horoscopes of various Communities. For instance, Banking careers have Jupiter as Ascendant Lord. New Delhi is having Capricorn Ascendant; Solar Power business is having Leo Ascendant. Indian Society is having Jupiter as Ascendant Lord, Bania Caste is having Mercury as Ascendant Lord, and Punjabi Community has Aries Ascendant. Societal Horoscope of a person is based on all the above factors.

A clarification here is that like Birth Horoscope, Societal Horoscope is also a unique chart for an individual. Two people living in the same society and circumstances will have different Societal Horoscopes because their individual approach to external environment is unique. We construct Individual Societal Horoscopes by first constructing the Balance Sheet of the Birth Chart, and then making adjustments for all the factors mentioned earlier in this document.

How does Societal Horoscope Impact a person? It can be logically inferred from the above arguments that a Man is split between two forces, his Basic Instincts (ruled by his Birth Horoscope) and Societal Instincts (Based on his Social Horoscope). The problem arises when there is a big divergence between an individual’s Birth Horoscope and the Social Horoscope. The Key to leading a happy and prosperous life is to manage those time periods where divergence levels are likely to be above a particular threshold limit. We offer Customised Counselling plans to manage such time periods. 

How does one know the time periods when divergence levels are likely to be above threshold limit? Those who follow Astrology know that an Individual’s lifespan is divided into various Mahadashas, Antardashas and Pratyantardashas. When we construct Societal Horoscope, we construct a probability event chart for a person (for periods not exceeding 2 years as external environment is dynamic in nature). When we match the two, divergence periods can clearly be known.

Should a person always choose his Profession, Career or Lifestyle as per his Basic Instincts, i.e. Birth Chart to avoid divergence?

Is such divergence good or bad?

Can a person perform optimally or better during difficult times predicted by his Birth Horoscope?

Can a path of least resistance be chosen by matching the Birth chart and the Societal Chart?

What kinds of Behavioural changes are visible during divergence periods?

Can a person’s Happiness Index be measured by comparing his Birth Chart and Societal Chart, and how to improve Happiness Index Score?

Many more questions arise out of above arguments, and I will try to answer all such questions in my future Blog Posts.

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Kujnish Vashisht, the Author of this Post is a leading Management Astrologer, Strategic Marketing Consultant (Since 1999), and Author of 3 World Famous books on Marketing and Sales. He is also a leading Start-ups and Career Consultant.  



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