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How Ketu derailed Over Speeding Societal Train

Writing this on May 3rd, 2020 when the whole World is not sure how to deal with Corona. There is no Vaccine Yet, and there is total Confusion. People are worried about even second wave of Corona. This article throws some light on how this Corona event is likely to unfold in future.  

In my last article dated 29th March, 2020, I explained how Society has its own Horoscope and Mahadasha System, and how Sookshamdasha of Ketu (till end of May 2020) in Mercury-Mercury-Rahu was responsible for current times. But how can a small Sookshamdasha cause such a meaningful impact on the Whole World?  

Let’s assume that our Society is a Train. Mercury is the fastest planet in Management Astrology™. In Mercury’s Mahadasha, we are witnessing Mercury’s antardasha. So Mahadasha and Antardasha of the fastest planet resulted in a fast paced Societal Train. Rahu plays an important role in Mercury’s Mahadasha and Antardasha, and I have mentioned it in many previous Blog Posts. As you would be aware, Rahu and Ketu are opposing forces. Rahu in its pratyantardasha is acting like an accelerator to the already fast paced Societal train. Icing on the case is Rahu’s transit in Gemini, which is again Mercury’s sign. So, since the start of Rahu’s transit in Mercury’s sign Gemini (March 2019 onwards), our Societal Train was moving at probably the highest speed in a Speedometer. Then came Ketu’s Sookshamdasha in early 2020. Ketu is an opposing force to Rahu and its impact is sudden and deep. If Rahu was an accelerator to the Societal train, Ketu was the sudden Brake. What happens when Sudden Brakes are applied to an over speeding Bullet train? It causes derailment. And this is what happened to our societal train.

What would be the impact after May 2020, when Ketu’s Sookshamdasha is replaced by Venus’s Sookshamdasha? Typical feature of Ketu is Confusion, and this is what the World is facing since early 2020. This Confusion would end after May 2020. This means that while it may take some time to recover fully from the impact of Corona, we would know how to deal with it.

As already mentioned by me in my last article, I predict Economic Recession this time and not Economic depression. We may witness Economic depression in 2030’s when Ketu returns in the form of Antardasha in Mercury’s Mahadasha (impact lasting for 15 odd years).

Another typical feature of Ketu is that if it’s overall impact is meaningful (which is meaningful this time as explained above), it causes major changes. So Society should prepare itself for some major changes, Ketu represents endings and some fresh beginnings. So, we should treat this sudden change as an opportunity for some new beginnings. All the best.

Kujnish Vashisht, the Author of this Post is a leading Management Astrologer, Strategic Marketing Consultant (Since 1999), and Author of 3 World Famous books on Marketing and Sales. He is also a leading Start-ups and Career Consultant.  He can be contacted at 9878904347, 9779883347,,

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