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Rational Ignorance, Rajyog and Rahu Ketu

This Post describes one of the most effective ways to deal with Rahu and Ketu in your Horoscope. Did you know that Rahu and Ketu are directly responsible for Rational Ignorance? If you are a Politician or a Marketing expert, you may be aware about Rational Ignorance, an effective tool to sell yourself or your product through camouflage. A little understanding of Rational Ignorance can change the way we carry ourselves in the material World. Rational Ignorance is a Raj Yog in our Horoscope which we must discover and must work towards achieving huge material success.

Let’s first understand Rational Ignorance and its importance in our lives before we move towards Rahu and Ketu. Let’s assume that you are planning to purchase a Television. You go to various shops and enquire about various Brands. Each Brand has its own set of features. Do you go into deep technical details of each and every feature offered by different Brands? Usually, you don’t because the cost, time and skill required to collect in-depth information about each and every technical feature may be the constraining factor. Majority of Consumers take a decision in favor or against a Brand based on their own experience or through an external cue like advertisement, or recommendation by a near one or impressed by the Sales man. The process of deliberately choosing not to spend further time and resources for taking a decision, since you find no further benefit in doing so is called Rational Ignorance.

In marketing, Marketers take advantage of Rational Ignorance by increasing the complexity of a decision. They will bombard you with many complex features like technical details, packaging, schemes, and claims of performance that it becomes difficult to judge the real worth of the product. This is how they command a better price and margin from you. Similarly, in Politics, Politicians increase the number and complexity of the issues to create a camouflage. Some of these issues in Indian elections are Jingoism, Caste, Religion, False promises. Voters are so busy in their daily schedules that they take a rational decision of not spending more time and energy for going deep into the issues.

We live in a society where every other person is an expert at camouflaging. Then isn’t creating your own camouflage necessary for succeeding in the present circumstances? What about Morality? You need to read Bhagwad Geeta to find answers on morality. You can create your own camouflage to take on someone else’s camouflage, and can still be on the right side of morality. I’ll discuss this some other time.

Let’s come back to Rahu and Ketu in your Horoscope. Rahu creates a path for you towards the material World, and Ketu serves as your guide, telling you when and where to apply Brakes. In simple words, Rahu tells you how and where to create the camouflage and Ketu tells you how to get away with it without getting caught. This post is Part 1 of a series on Rational Ignorance, and I’ll discuss the basics only. Look at where Rahu is placed in your Horoscope. Is it in the second house the house of Revenues? If yes, it means that you can earn loads of revenues through Rational Ignorance. How to create it? If your horoscope belongs to Scorpio Ascendant, your second house is ruled by Sagittarius, which means knowledge. This means that you create a camouflage through your knowledge and direct your efforts for earning money. Which aspect of knowledge so that people believe in you through Rational Ignorance? If Rahu is placed in second house, then Ketu will be placed in 8th house in Gemini. This means that you use your knowledge for exploring the unknown, and camouflage others to believe in that unknown (which is a must since most people are slow to accept innovations) by using your intelligence. Money is guaranteed by following such a scheme or pattern. Exact quality and extent of your camouflage is determined by your Lagan (Ascendant), the placement of Rahu and Ketu, and the position of the rulers of houses in which Rahu and Ketu are placed. In addition, Jupiter and Mars play an extremely important role.

Important to note is that Rahu and Ketu have a natural tendency to move against the norms of the society. That’s why they are responsible for most of the Innovations and new discoveries. If planets like Jupiter are extra strong in your Horoscope, they will create a tendency to move more with the norms of the society. This will limit the performance of your Rahu and thus will affect the quality and extent of your camouflage. However, weakness of Jupiter along with a few allied combinations can drive the person towards Anti-social activities.

I’ll write a series of posts on this, covering the various ascendants and positions of Rahu and Ketu in various houses.

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