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Understanding Net Income Form Your Horoscope

Did you know that your horoscope reflects your overall Profit and Loss account from your Business/ Profession? The best part is that you can actually improve your net income through this component. Second house in your horoscope is your house of revenues. Twelfth house in the horoscope represents expenditures. Eleventh house represents net income from Business/ Profession. So, Second house minus Twelfth house is equal to eleventh house, your net Income. And improving your eleventh house is manageable.

Let me explain this in detail. Take for instance a horoscope with Sagittarius ascendant. This often is present in the horoscopes of Intellectuals and Professors. Dr. Manmohan Singh’s horoscope also belongs to Sagittarius ascendant. Second house in Sagittarius ascendant is ruled by Capricorn (Saturn). Thus, although the Ascendant lord is Jupiter, the revenues are ruled by Saturn which in traditional Astrology is neutral for Sagittarius ascendant. Friends of Saturn, Mercury and Venus are Functional Malefic.. This explains why intellectuals and professors never have money in abundance. However, this is reversible. If you are following my blog, I have mentioned many times in the past that most of capital cities across the World (both National and State Capitals) belong to Capricorn ascendant. So, the first thumb rule for people with Sagittarius ascendant for improving their revenues is to shift to cities which belong to Capricorn ascendant. This will give an immediate boost to their revenues. How to further Strengthen Saturn for increase in revenues? Take help from friends of Saturn VIZ Venus and Mercury. A traditional astrologer will laugh at it because Venus and Mercury are functional malefic in Sagittarius ascendant. I look at this in a different way. Jupiter (ascendant lord of Sagittarius) is knowledge, and Mercury (malefic in Sagittarius ascendant) is application of knowledge. Most of the professors are full of knowledge but lack the application of knowledge. And what does a professor become when he discovers the skill of applying knowledge? He becomes the Prime Minister of India (Dr. Manmohan Singh). So, those with Sagittarius ascendant should learn to apply their immense knowledge (Mercury) to improve their revenues. There are many more aspects to increasing revenues for Sagittarius ascendant, and I shall try to cover them in my future posts.

Another friend of Saturn is Venus which rules eleventh house, the house of net income. So, two planets in the P&L equation are tilted towards Saturn. Third planet is Mars (Scorpio) which rules twelfth house, the house of expenditure. The key is to spend Mars in such a manner that it supports both Saturn and Venus. Mars also is an extremely benific planet for Sagittarius ascendant. Marketing is ruled by Scorpio. I had explained this in one of my posts last year. As discussed in the above paragraph, those with Sagittarius ascendant can improve revenues when they learn to apply their immense knowledge. However, this process will remain incomplete without marketing. They need to spend their time and resources on those activities which enhance their Brand Image/ get recognition for their skills. This can be done by developing the right kind of contacts, and exhibiting their application of knowledge to the right kind of audience. In nutshell, the expenditure has to be made on right kind of marketing activities. By doing this, they are improving their Brand Equity. And which planet rules Brand Equity in Management Astrology? It’s Venus, the house of net income. So, by spending on marketing, you are strengthening Venus, a good friend of Saturn, and as a result are strengthening Saturn which alone can give you revenues. So, if you belong to Sagittarius Ascendant, and if your Astrologer recommends strengthening of Jupiter (the ascendant lord) for improving your revenues, please send this article to him. Addressing Saturn is the only way to make money for Sagittarians.

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